TRS was founded back in 1959 when Taherally Remanji Suterwalla set up his business with the support of his family after arriving from Mumbai. Historically, getting the best spices and pulses from the East was not always straight forward. Long journeys and inconsistent quality were the norm.
Taherally Remanji Suterwalla realised there was a market for people who yearned for Asian home cooking in London. He opened up a store and a cash&carry which sold Indian groceries and gained in popularity across the South of England. Soon the range expanded to include a larger variety of high-quality Indian spices, pastes and pickles, pulses, poppadums, rice, and flour.
TRS has taken up the mantle to bring to consumers the best from South Asia with delicious, properly authentic flavours. Today, it is TRS’ ambition to bring you the authentic taste of home more than ever before.

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