Since 1953, more than half a century ago, Koloocheh, a kind of cookie also known as Persian-style filled cookie, has been produced traditionally by the late Mr. Mohammad Ali Beglari, has been offered continuously to the consumers
Under the brand name of Koloocheh Noosheen.
In 1974 by establishment of Noosheen Fard Company, the first automated Koloocheh -Making machine was designed and fabricated at proposal and cooperation of Mr. Beglari , for this reason he has been known as the founder of Koloocheh Production Industry in Iran.
Gradually by taking advantage of technology and design development in making the tunnel ovens for Koloocheh production, he succeeded in innovation and evolution in automatic production of various Koloocheh causing the reputation of Lahidjan as City of Koloocheh to Iran and the world.

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