“Krassi” Mayonnaise started over two decades ago with just one product. Today we have 37 variations of mayonnaise products that can be found in supermarkets, kitchen cabinets and mini markets all over Bulgaria and parts of Europe. We’re here to share many flavors with you ranging from garlic to mushroom which can be added to almost any type of dish you desire. Our flagship product, “Krassi” Table Mayonnaise in our 200 g packaging, is the best-selling mayonnaise in Bulgaria. That’s why we put our energy into creating these unique recipes, adding only high quality ingredients, and creating products that enrich your appetite and meet all your requirements and demands.
“Krassi” Mayonnaise began with one handmade machine and now has a full functioning factory located in Plovdiv, in close proximity to the largest trade center in Bulgaria – the Plovdiv International Fair. Renovated and maintained, the factory continues to expand steadily for years to come.
The hard work of our employees at the factory help us look to the future, be more innovative and evolve to meet the needs of people like you. Being a part of the “Krassi” team not only gives the employees a chance to be a part of the growth of such a beloved product but to be treated with the up-most care by the company. “Krassi” mayonnaise provides a large dining facility and long term benefits for loyal employees. Over the years, our company has devoted time and effort in many investments around the country and continues to be a part of the growing economy in Bulgaria.

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