Vital Group had a very humble beginning as a small tea company that began its operations in 1991. Our value-oriented approach towards business has been very well received by the communities who we serve. Thus, within a short period, we have become one of the largest tea companies in the country. We are one of the national companies that exports tea to lands other than Pakistan!

Although a very recent initiative, the response to our other product, Vital Beauty Soap, has also turned out to be equally warm and encouraging as has been in the case of tea product.

As a business story, VG has been receiving attention of academics also. For instance, Vital Tea’s electronic media campaign was presented by a known social scientist at a colloquium in Islamabad as an outstanding example of ‘socially responsible advertisements’. I thank you for this academic attention.
As a Chairman of VG, I am both very happy and humbled by the progress that VG has made over the years. I, truly and sincerely, believe that our success is but a story of how passion and people can derive a small business to greater heights.
I Thank Allah Almighty for converting our efforts into outcomes!

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